Monday, January 28, 2008

Vintage Rehab Press Release

Vintage Rehab by Stacey Samuels
Fashion Jewelry Designer Breaks Ground on a Fresh Concept…

Vintage Rehab announced today that it has released the first of many rehab vintage jewelry designs by designer Stacey Samuels.  Vintage Rehab is creating a tradition of providing life and rejuvenation to heirloom pieces, transforming them into modern every day wearables. Stacey Samuels, an accomplished Interior Furniture Designer and experienced Marketing Veteran, started her jewelry business as an Estate Sale addict.

“I was looking for my niche within the custom jewelry business, so I began to attend estate sales and auctions. One thing that I noticed was that estate jewelry had lots of personality but there was something missing. Each piece I purchased seemed to scream out at me… please fix me up and give me life! So I did just that. Each piece I have created has great history, presence and has a distinctive heirloom quality. I give it even more life by choosing only the great pieces and doing a lot of work giving it layers and using only the highest quality resources.”

Vintage Rehab products are currently available online at www.vintagerehab,, an online handmade retail portal. Stacey plans to release a new website soon dedicated to Vintage Rehab designs with additional plans to expand her product line from vintage locket necklaces to layered necklaces and vintage charm bracelets (that convert to a layered necklace on the fly).

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