Thursday, March 6, 2008

1800s Hair Locket Necklace

1800's oval, rose gold filled locket hangs form a gold and seed pearl ornament.  Necklace is a vintage gold filled watch chain with a rare heart slide with an opal stone. Inside the locket is a lock of hair from a loved one that someone held close to their heart.  The fashion of wearing a locket actually predates the invention of photography in 1839.  Early lockets were made to protect treasured keepsakes like a lock of hair from a loved one, hence the name locket.

Hair art was common throughout the Victorian era.  It was used for a variety of functions from recording family history to tokens of affection exchanged between lovers.  Naturally, hair art also became popular means to memorialize loved ones who had passed on.  Mourning jewelry created with hair was intensely popular because it did not violate the strict code of conduct Victorian society imposed upon the conduct and dress of grieving persons.  Now, hair art and hair jewelry is a collectible that may be worth a lot of money. 

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