Thursday, March 6, 2008

Vintage Blue Cloisonne Locket Necklace

This vintage cloisonne locket hangs from a very rare, 12k rolled gold plated watch chain with a unique clasp.  At one time, the swivel at the end of the chain held a watch.  

Blue flowers hold a special significance in the language of flowers.  They offer a cooling antidote to our over-stimulated lives and anxious days.  A color that is known to hold universal appeal, blue plays a significant role in many cultures' religious rituals and ceremonies.  It is said that the Western tradition of a bride wearing something blue is tied to the color's symbolism of faithfulness and loyalty.  In its dark, regal tones, blue can express trustworthiness, confidence, intelligence and unity, which explains why it's frequently the color of police uniforms, why the blue "power suit" is an icon of the business world and why winners of competitions receive blue ribbons.  And yet, in its softer hues, blue can embody the uplifting spirit of a sunny sky or soothing ocean- perhaps explaining why so many of us choose blue flowers when we want to send a message of calming beauty, tranquility and peace.

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