Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lockets Like They Used to Make 'Em. Literally.

"As much as I don't love most keepsake jewelry, I absolutely adore vintage lockets. And if I miss anything about my younger, baby-less days it's the time I used to have to comb flea markets and tag sales for ye olde time-y jewelry on the weekends.

Hooray for Stacey Samuels who now does it for me.  Her company, Vintage Rehab, tracks down the most beautiful lockets, then fixes them up, adds fantastic chains and clasps, and turns them from someone's castoff into your own very fortunate find.  Check out her shop and you'll find goodies from a deco-era double heart necklace, to a 60's tortoise shell piece to really exquisite cloisonne flower lockets.

They are not cheap - prices range from about $130 to three times that.  An of course they're all one-of-a-kind.  So if you've got one in mind for a special mama this mother's day, grab it now.  It's not likely to end up in a flea market again any time soon." - Liz (

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