Friday, April 18, 2008

A New Treasure for Rehab

This is a 1895-1935 Art Nouveau gold filled locket that I just bought from an antique dealer.  It is in perfect condition and has a unique shape unlike any of the lockets I have found.   Here is what it looks like before I rehab it.  I am going to add a beautiful gold filled chain, that looks antique and pairs well with the old locket, and clear vintage crystal beads to accent the center stone. Keep checking my store for new items!

1 comment:

Tatyana said...

What a beautiful locket!

Aww man, it reminds me of my grandparents. On their wedding day in 1964 they made a locket that looked almost like this one (but it had a tiny ruby) and it had their pictures from that day. I loved that locket as a kid, especially because my grandma was really pretty when she was young and i thought it was the coolest thing. Unfortunately someone broke in our house and stole a whole bunch of jewlery including that sentimental locket... :(