Friday, July 18, 2008

1900's Jeweled Basket Weave Locket Necklace

1900's antique, Victorian Edwardian gold filled locket with a unique basket weave and jeweled design. The necklace is a new 14k gold filled chain with vintage clear crystal beads that accent the stones on the locket, and my signature cloisonne bead at the clasp.  

Edwardian refers to the period during the reign of Edward VII of England, but the style has it's beginnings during the final years of Victoria's reign, and continued until shortly before World War I when the more geometric influences later to be called Art Deco began to make headway.  In jewelry, this period was characterized by delicate filigree in white gold and platinum with diamonds and pearls predominating, and colored stones used less frequently, producing a light, monochromatic look.  Inside is an old photo of a special little girl that someone wore close to their heart.

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