Monday, July 21, 2008

1900's Scenic Locket Necklace

This an antique Victorian locket is etched with a scenic design and intricate metal work that attaches to the bale.  The necklaces is a new 14k gold filled chain accented with 12k gold plated vintage Swarovski crystals.  

Victorian is designation given to the period from approximately 1837, when Victoria became Queen of England, until 1901, when she died. This long period is divided into early (approx. 1840-1860), mid (approx. 1860-1880) and late (approx. 1880-1900), since it covers a wide span of time and a number of distinctive trends.  This period was preceded by the Georgian period, and succeeded by the Edwardian period after Victoria died in 1901, and her son Edward became king. 

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