Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Tree

Every time I go to my grandparents house I pull out the boxes of old family photos.   It is fascinating to see what my relatives looked like, discover where they came from, and learn more about them.  I was especially excited to find this old picture of my great grandmother, Sarah and two of her sisters, Ethel and Bess. 

Sarah is my great grandmother from my mother's side, who I am named after.  In the photo she is wearing a locket necklace that reminds me of some of the vintage lockets that I have found. It would be so special to have this family heirloom, but maybe if I am lucky enough I will find it in an antique store someday.

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John said...

I also go through old family photos when visiting my grandmother's home. It always strikes me as odd that almost no one is smiling in the older photos. My grandmother told me taking photos was a big deal and you didn't want to appear silly by smiling. Seems strange today, especially with everyone walking around with cameras on their phones snapping pics of anything and everyone in sight.